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Lead Trainer Bio & Training Philosophy

Lead trainer Ben Wilburn has been helping family dogs learn how to behave in a way that makes them even easier to love. Time and time again, people say that Ben was precisely the guide that their families needed to train their dogs how to behave. It’s assumed that dogs trained by Ben would say he helped the humans learn how to communicate “dog speak” much easier.


Ben trained and worked alongside military dogs (yes, military dogs), where their obedience and understanding often mean life and death for our brave soldiers. Since having a medical retirement from the military, Ben has had more than ten years of civilian dog training. The same positive and loving dog-training techniques that work on family dogs like yours are the same techniques employed by the military.

Trainer Bio & Training Philosophy

Trainer Leah has been grown up with dogs from Golden Retrievers to Great Danes with some basic training methods learned from family over the years.  Leah started learning from Ben and his methods in 2017 when working with 2 large German Shepherds weighing in at 110 lbs each! These new methods of training were so enhancing, the desire to learn more set in.  After working part-time with Ben for a little over a year, she stepped away from a 25 year corporate insurance career to pursue this love of helping other families with their dogs obedience and finding balance in their homes, this same peace of mind that Ben brought to her life in 2017.  


Over the last few years Leah has worked with Ben managing the operations and administrative side of the house as well as basic & advanced obedience training lessons.  Leah has continued training education with Animal Behavior Institute completing  Canine Training and Canine Behavior & Enrichment.  She continues to carry on the training techniques implored by Ben!

Our Values

While every breed and individual dog are slightly different, the methodologies used by Ben remain the same. We adjust each training specifically to meet the dog’s needs and solve the family’s challenges. We believes all dogs should be trained using the three foundational training principles regardless of size, temperament, or energy level.


Be patient with your dog and yourself. If you feel yourself getting frustrated, take a break. Training is more successful when done with calm energy and a calm voice. There is no need to lose our temper and get heavy-handed with training.


Your dog may try to out stubborn you. Certain breeds are very good at this. Moments like this can be very trying on your patience. Be more persistent than your dog calmly and positively. You will be surprised by the bond this will help you build with your dog.


When people in the home have different standards for your dog, they get confused about what is right. Keep your criteria the same and consistently enforce commands. If our dogs know what to expect from us every time we give a command, they are more likely to comply quicker. Consistency should lead to a positive routine and communication.

We believe that most issues derive from a lack of communication. A large part of training is learning to communicate and enforce expectations positively yet balanced. This training style allows families to build a strong relationship with their dogs while establishing healthy, manageable boundaries. 

As a father of four children, Ben truly understands the difficulties working families have trying to balance everything that takes up our time. Whether consumed by work, family, or the kid’s extra-curricular events, it can be difficult to be everything to everyone. Sometimes we forgo or forget about training because we are so busy. If we are too busy to train our dogs, it is important that you still have options available to give our dogs the best training possible. With training comes the ability to include your dogs in more aspects of your lives. It allows for a higher quality of life for your beloved four-legged family members and you. 

Ben and the team at Integrity Dog Training look forward to helping families like yours build stronger bonds with your dogs and show you how to provide the best quality of life you can for your k9.

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What People Say About Us

Diana Miller
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I adopted a 5 year old rescue from Texas. He knew 0 commands. He would dart out doors and jump out of cars. I signed him up for the board and train at Integrity Dog Training. What he came back as is a whole new dog. He now knows commands (didn’t always listen as he is stubborn) and the support from Ben since he has been home is great. With everyday practice he now listens the first time he hears a command or even the command with the hand. I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Elizabeth Vivona Dow
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We rescued a Carolina Dog who had lived on the streets in TX prior to being shipped up to the PNW. When we got him, he didn't know how to walk on a leash, ride in a car etc... We began working with Ben with one-on-one lessons just to get the basics down. Otis made good progress, but needed intensive training. We did a 2 week "stay-n-train". Otis was returned to us a completely different dog. He heels without a leash, he comes when called, even if he's 200 yards away mole hunting, he stays on "place" when we need to eat dinner without him begging... the list goes on and on. Ben taught him how to behave in public spaces like stores and restaurants. Our dream is to get him certified as a service dog and I think it might be a reality now. The best thing about this trainer is he is gentle and positive. There are no harsh punishments or yelling. When I picked Otis up, I could tell he genuinely loved and respected Ben. He wasn't just behaving well out of fear. This trainer is the real deal - I'd trust him to be able to train any dog 🙂
Aliyah Taylor
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I have a husky that was a little under a year and very hard at socializing with other animals just cuz she had never been around them and kind of was isolated as a puppy. And then with integrity had helped me control my emotion and be able to work with my dog and teach her how to be a great ESA which is exactly what I need because I have anxiety. She is now much happier she's on a great diet and she does very well around other dogs. And she is very friendly and is learning how to be a good service animal to me and very respectful to other owners and their animals. We even got her trained off the leash. I know that I can always go back if I have any questions or text or call and he'll be there to be able to help out. So I would highly recommend this dog trainer to help train your dog.
Leah Hughes
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Ben trained my two German Shepherds previously with amazing results. They had gone through previous basic training at a pet store, but Ben took them to the next level. Improving upon what they had learned and getting them on voice commands rather than treats. We are now working together again on my Pitbull also expanding into more advanced training with her. I have been so impressed with how he communicates so effectively with each dog and how much they look forward to working with him.
kristina manley
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I have had my previous dog, Margaret, trained by Ben. She was a challenge to say the least. Half husky/half German Shepard, all attitude and stubbornness, but also very sweet and funny! After we did a board and train, Margaret was happier and so were we! I wasn’t constantly yelling at her and she wasn’t constantly trying to figure out why I was yelling at her. She became a confident, well behaved, happy dog. Unfortunately we lost her unexpectedly too young, but our new puppy will also do a board and train with Ben when she is old enough. It makes for a happy dog and a happy human! Ben is the dog whisperer and I trust that anyone he hires to work with him will he just as good.
Kelly Butler
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Ben has trained two of our Rottweilers, the latest being our stubborn, alpha, 5 month old puppy. We are able and confident allowing our two and four year old walk them both. We highly recommend his services to anyone with a dog. He does wonders and the training lasts a lifetime. Ben is always available for follow up questions.

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